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In addition to performing and working as a recording artist, Annika has also performed in schools in Canada and abroad. Annika has a deep desire to encourage and inspire students through music and songwriting. Along with performing, Annika has experience working with students as a guest speaker sharing stories of her travels, discussing the songwriting process, and showcasing the opportunities that music can provide for young students. Annika’s goal is to use her unique gifts and talents to reach students in Canada and abroad.

In February, 2015, Annika will embark on a month long music tour throughout rural Alberta, performing and speaking at schools, and promoting her recently released album, The Stories.

Annika’s music is uplifting, encouraging, and relatable for students. Her goal is to encourage students to embrace their creative talents as she showcases the different opportunities the arts have provided for her in her life. She uses her writing ability, sense of humour, and performance experience to engage with students and help young people find their own “voice”.

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“Perhaps more important than Ms. Odegard’s singing and songwriting ability is her heart for people… She is grateful for her gifts and uses her talent to encourage others. Through the message of her songs and by inspiring others to find their own voice she is an agent of change. She has found a way to make a difference.”

-Anthony Giles, Choral Director, International School Bangkok